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Adulting 101: Why Estate Planning Needs to Be on Every Millennial’s Checklist

April 7, 2024


Author: Shea Law


As many of us suspected as kids, there are a lot of privileges that come with being an adult. You can stay up late if you want to, eat breakfast for dinner if the mood strikes, and wear that ratty old sweatshirt out in public.

But adulting isn’t all fun and games. It comes with plenty of obligations and new responsibilities. Taxes. Rent and mortgages. Family obligations. Watching what you eat and saving for retirement. Adulting can be hard, even exhausting. The last thing any of us want to hear is that there’s something else we need to take care of. But there is something we all must do —and not only is it a big one, but it’s also something that, unfortunately, far too many adults aren’t even aware that they need to address: estate planning.

For many of us, estate planning feels like a distant concern. But that misunderstanding has caused a lot of unnecessary heartache and financial pain. The reality is very different. Tragedy does not discriminate based on age.  It can take our wits or our lives at its choosing.  And in the wake of such tragedy, we leave loved ones grieving and confused.

Estate planning is one of those grownup milestones we all need to handle. You owe it to yourself to organize your affairs.  To choose who will stand in for you when you no longer can. But, more importantly, you owe it to your loved ones. Whether that’s a spouse and kids, brothers and sisters, or any combination of friends and relatives, estate planning is the single greatest gift you can give yourself and the people you care about.

Legacy isn’t a word that many of us are thinking much about as young adults—or even as middle-aged individuals. But when it comes to estate planning, your legacy is just another way of saying what you value—what you want to give to others. In a very real and tangible way, it’s an expression of love, perhaps the most meaningful and impactful way to show the people that are important to you just how much you care about their wellbeing.

Because adulting may be hard, but estate planning doesn’t have to be.

Shea Law offers clients the option of a hybrid estate planning experience that uses a blend of technology and in-person consultation to lower costs and maximize convenience while retaining the personal touch of one of our many specialized attorneys. Our thoughtful and creative use of technology makes estate planning more accessible to more people. We don’t use tech solutions to replace personal engagement, but to enhance it. It’s all about making the process as seamless and painless as possible.

We pride ourselves on providing family-style warmth and close personal connection because we want every one of our clients to experience memorably friendly and attentive service. Shea Law attorneys will listen closely to what you want and need, getting to know your personal preferences and priorities in a collaborative, conversational manner that is focused on listening, not lecturing.

Our reputation as the estate planning law firm in Michigan and a go-to resource for people of all ages has been built on positive experiences with growing numbers of satisfied clients. Many of those clients are families, individuals, and small business owners that typically can’t afford expensive legal fees. Making legal counsel and expert estate planning services more accessible is at the heart of the Shea Law mission.

We are here to make adulting easier for you, so come check us out.  We would love to help.

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