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Michigan’s Go-To Estate Planning Resource

Legacies don’t just happen; they are built over time. And Shea Law’s mission is to make sure those legacies are preserved, protected, and seamlessly passed onto loved ones.

Our flexible and highly customizable service options allow our clients to select an estate planning option that meets their individual needs and personal preferences.

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Shea Law simplifies the process by using its proprietary technology to complete your estate plan in 30 days or less through three easy steps. Send us a message by filling out the form.

1. Schedule your complimentary consultation
2. Meet your attorney
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Schedule Your Complimentary Legal Consultation

Our user-friendly process makes estate planning simple, ensuring you have the right documents to meet your goals and needs.

The first step is to schedule a no-fee consultation with one of our many estate planning attorneys. This attorney meeting can be booked through your dedicated legal concierge. Our legal concierges gather basic information and help answer any initial questions or concerns you may have. Most importantly, they’ll ensure you are paired with the right attorney for your unique situation.

During your upcoming attorney meeting, you’ll discuss estate planning strategies to ensure your documents align perfectly with your goals and wishes. For your convenience, you can meet with our attorneys either in person at our Southfield location or online through Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Most clients prefer online meetings for added flexibility.

There’s no fee for this consultation unless you choose to proceed with our services to create your estate plan.

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Your journey starts by scheduling a time with our legal concierge, who will gather initial information and set up your attorney consultation.

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Our Estate Plans

Our flexible and highly customizable online and hybrid service options allow our clients to select an estate planning consultation option that meets their individual needs and personal preferences.


A will is an essential document that allows you to control who inherits your assets and who becomes guardians of any minor children should something happen to you.

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In addition to questions of inheritance and guardianship, a trust comes with additional benefits: it protects your heirs from creditors, avoids what can be a costly and time-consuming probate process, and ensures that the private affairs of you and your family remain out of the public domain.

Following the death of a loved one, probate can be a complex and overwhelming process.
Shea Law has unique expertise to help you through the process.


Probate is the process of administering a person’s will or estate after they pass. A trusted and capable executor or administrator will pay any liabilities on the estate and distribute the assets to the right beneficiaries.

About Shea Law

Shea Law is a nationally recognized litigation firm who also has a well-earned reputation as the go-to estate planning law firm in Michigan. As a trusted resource for growing numbers of families and individuals, Shea has been providing uniquely accessible and affordable estate planning and litigation services to Michigan residents for more than two decades.